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Parenting Tip of the Month

Waking Kids Up

Having trouble waking your child up in the morning? It’s a big club. As we stated in a previous tip, research shows that waking children up at a regular time is just as important as regular bedtimes. Many parents share that getting their children out of bed, moving, and ready for school on time can be just as tricky as getting kids to bed. When children are slow, they are often late for school and make parents late for work as well.

Sometimes the problem is that the child is just too tired to get out of bed. Some children need more sleep than the 9-10 hours recommended by the experts. Parents should first try adjusting the child’s bedtime to allow for 11 hours of sleep. Setting an earlier bedtime is not popular with most kids, but stick to it if 11 hours of sleep works.

It is often a lack of practice and experience that causes the problem. We all have our morning routines. However, until our children establish their own routine, they will need our help. This means that parents will have to adjust their morning routine and get up a little earlier for at least a period of time to help their children wake, stay on track, and prepare for the day.

Try these tips:
1. Remember to have your child set their own alarm clock. This transfers some of the responsibility of waking on time to the child.

2. Instead of waking your child and leaving their room to get yourself ready, stand next to your child’s bed and continue talking to them for a few minutes. When they get out of bed, walk them towards the bathroom.

3. Have your child do their bathroom routine first. Brushing their teeth, washing their face, and combing their hair will help them wake up.

4. Have your child get dressed while still in the bathroom. This will help to keep them from returning to their bedroom and lying back down on the bed.

5. Once dressed, it is time for breakfast, NOT PLAY, watching TV, or playing with video games or toys. Before children can pick up a toy, watch TV, or do anything “fun,” they must finish their breakfast. After breakfast, brushing their teeth, and when entirely ready for school, children can play while mom or dad finishes their morning routine.

Parents must monitor this process. Until our child’s new routine becomes a habit, spot checks should be made. Don’t let your child slip back into old habits.