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Mental Health

  • Do parents of high-risk youth see your practice as an effective resource in helping them cope with their out-of-control children?
  • Are you interested in ways to diversify your practice or expand your agency’s visibility?
  • Are you searching for new methods to link with the referral sources in your community (schools, probation, courts, law enforcement, etc.)?

Mental health professionals know the crucial role parents play in addressing behaviorally disordered adolescents. The Parent Project® is a psychoeducational parenting skills program designed specifically for parents of adolescents described as having oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder. The Parent Project® is a natural fit for mental health agencies offering anger management and other psychoeducational programs. While other methods of practice diversification can take years to develop and cost thousands of dollars, the cost of the forty-hour Parent Project® Facilitator Training can be recouped in the very first Parent Project® program offered.

Clinicians completing the week-long Parent Project® Facilitator Training lead up to 30 parents through six core curriculum sessions and four to ten highly structured, topic-focused support groups for parents. Parent Project® classes may be offered as a low-cost community service by mental health departments or private practitioners. The relevance of this program raises the community visibility of the facilities and practitioners while offering a low-cost adjunct to treatment for parents of difficult children. Specifically designed to meet the changing needs in clinical practice today, the Parent Project® is a short-term psychoeducational program that significantly improves treatment outcomes, increases your visibility in the community, generates more referrals and receivables, makes your practice less dependent on managed care and exposes your agency or practice to an ever-increasing client base.

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