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The Parent Project CLASS

Daly City, CA

Presented by Asian American Recovery Services/HealthRight360


Language: English
Has An Interpreter: No
Session Time: 5:30 pm - Dinner 6:00 pm class begins
Location: 725 Price Street Daly City,
Cost: FREE!!!!
Facilitator: Nani Wilson
Comments: The Essence of MANA course starting date is pendinng. If interested in pre-registering or more info, call or email Nani

Concurrent Teen Program Available

A parallel program for teens, chosen for its compatibility with the Parent Project curriculum, emphasizing personal responsibility, decision making skills, and responsibility to others is offered concurrently with the above Parent Project class.

While parents are involved in the Parent Project curriculum, teens meet with a facilitator separately to learn to approach problems (including family conflict) more thoughtfully.


Conact: Nani Wilson
Phone: 650.243.4866
Best Time To Call: M-F 8:30am-4:30pm
Email: [email protected]