Parent Project Works

“The parents and the teachers are all operating from the same book of rules. The kids have no "out." They know they will be held accountable and that there will be consequences about their behavior.”
  —  A teacher
“The most important thing parents can do is to tell their children they love them.”

Fifteen year old teen in Idaho

“It has been more than a year and my daughter has had no more problems. In fact things are still getting better!”

A parent

“Sometimes the juvenile continues to violate the law. I don’t view this as failure! Usually the violations are both fewer and less severe. That, in my eyes, is success!”
  Dixie Tate
Probation Department Counselor
“Coordination and follow through are paramount in achieving success. The facilitators certainly deserve credit, but community-wide involvement and cooperation have made this work!”
  County Program Implementers
“This is an outstanding example of what can happen with cooperation between juvenile justice and the schools.”
  Judge Duff