Why Try? Building Resilience in the Workplace, at School, and at Home

Who we are

We are former students, counselors, teachers, mental health professionals, and corrections staff. We are youth advocates. Over the last 15 years, we have combined our experiences with research to develop tools that enable everyone in an organization to thrive – the adults, the straight-A students on the college track, the most at-risk kid from a broken home. The secret is resilience education, and through it, we’ve seen individuals and groups from a wide variety of backgrounds develop the capacity to access resilience. Click here to request a free demo.

A program for students

The WhyTry Program uses a series of ten visual metaphors to teach social, emotional, and leadership principles. The program’s unique multisensory approach caters to every learning type, and has been used in over 16,000 schools and organizations with 2 million students and counting. Click here to try it free.


Contact WhyTry


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