• Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior is the only program of its kind in the country, in that it focuses on the most destructive of adolescent behaviors.
  • Loving Solutions is a guide for parents with difficult younger children, ages five to ten.
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Parent Project Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop parent-training programs for parents raising difficult or out-of-control children. We are committed to providing highly effective programs that are affordable for every parent.

The Parent Project. Celebrating 28 Years of Service to Families.

At the Parent Project®, we believe that parents are the answer. In our 28 years, we have worked with over ½ million parents raising difficult or out-of-control children. Our programs are based on their experiences and successes. No matter how difficult the situation may be, we can help. "Little miracles". It's what we do!

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Why the Parent Project?

As an educator, no one is more in tune with the issues surrounding high-risk youth than you. Teen drug use, youth gangs, school violence, failing grades, truancy, and classroom discipline, are just a few of the problems teachers face every day.

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Choosing the Right Model

There are two basic types of parent training programs, prevention and intervention models. Of the parent training programs in existence today, 98% or more, are prevention models. Prevention programs focus on the future. Intervention models focus on current behaviors, with need-based intervention techniques and specific skill development for parents.

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The Parent Project Story

Concerned by the number of parents who approached their Community Police Unit about their child’s drug use, officers developed a class to help parents identify, prevent and intervene in teen substance use. Twenty parents of high-risk youth were personally invited and 19 attended that first class. In the middle of the second session parents began opening up, asking for help with issues that went far beyond just drug use.

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  • Do parents of high risk youth see your practice as an effective resource in helping them cope with their out-of-control children?
  • Are you interested in ways to diversify your practice or expand your agency’s visibility?
  • Are you searching for new methods to link with the referral sources in your community (schools, probation, courts, law enforcement, etc.)?

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Why the Parent Project?

Whether you work for a Community Based Organization or Christian Ministry, no one knows the needs of your community like you. Working directly with families, you see first hand the problems parents face raising children in today’s complex society.

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