Loving Solutions “Train the Trainer” 3-Day Seminar

Become a certified Parent Project trainer for Loving Solutions

Mission Viejo, California

June 4 - 6, 2018

Tuition: $550.00 

This will be the only Loving Solutions training for 2018.
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Training includes breakfast and lunch daily.


Loving Solutions 

Loving Solutions is a parent-training program designed specifically for parents raising difficult younger children, ages 5-10 years. Also known as “Parent Project®, Jr.,” this program utilizes the same principles found successful in Parent Project® Sr., adapted to the needs of younger children. 

Cute, funny and smart. Loving Solutions takes parents from the idea, to practice, to changes in the home. Even the illustrations help move parents forward.”
Lisa Kohl, Parent Educator

Using a behavioral model, Loving Solutions is structured based on cooperative learning norms with group learning activities in a workbook format to maximize both learning and interest. The “Steps of Success” (S.O.S.) home practice assignments create a solid foundation for change in the home.

Loving Solutions is a concrete, concise resource for parents struggling to meet the needs of the strong-willed Elementary age child.  The curriculum is simple, effective and fun to teach.  Parents, schools and the community will thank you!
Gary Stanoff, Marriage and Family Therapist, City of Vacaville, CA

The Loving Solutions Teacher’s Guide is the most comprehensive in the industry. Icon driven, the guide walks facilitators through lectures, PowerPoint visuals and the group learning activities that provide parents with a clear understanding of the subject matter and a smooth process for change.

This parenting course offers the ABC’s of parenting young children:  Appropriate, Brief, and Consistent techniques lead to “D” and “E”– delightful, effective parenting!”
Gillian Wadsworth, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, City of Arcta, CA

Loving Solutions also addresses the needs of children with Attention Deficit Disorder. The workbook provides a brief but informative introduction and overview of the field, to guide parents through this immense subject. Parents who suspect that their child displays these symptoms, as well as parents who have a child already diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, will find this information more than helpful.

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Loving Solutions: What's New For 2014!

Loving Solutions Facilitator Comments

It’s fantastic!!

Shelley BraytonParent Education
Long Beach Unified School District, CA

We love Loving Solutions!  Several more staff members will be (teaching) soon.

Sally GlaserSCOT Counselor
Akron, Ohio

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